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"Defying Gravity"- Wicked

with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

"Don't Rain on My Parade"- Funny Girl

Broadway Mondays at Hardware Bar with Cacophony Daniels

"What Are You Doin' New Years Eve"

Fulton Theatre's Annual Board Holiday Party

Chicago the Musical

Seoul, South Korea Press Day

(You can find me in the full fishnet and ponytail)

Do you love the movie A League of Their Own?  Well, we do too! Check out this lady tap video choreographed by the lovely Kimberly Schafer.  Stephanie is playing Doris (aka Rosie O'Donnell). Enjoy! 

Christmas On The Islands

Shamelessly promoting the amazing Richard Rockage. Check out his youtube page HERE and catch Stephanie singing a bunch of Christmas Tunes.  

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