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Michigan Musical Theatre Ambassador Endowment Fund

This gala concert, celebrating the University of Michigan Department of Musical Theatre, will pay special tribute to longtime department chair Brent Wagner on the occasion of his retirement. This one-night-only benefit, featuring a vast array of performances and material from the last three decades of department alumni, promises to be an historic event. Every dollar from ticket sales will go directly to the newly established Michigan Musical Theatre Ambassador Endowment Fund, which will help sustain the legacy that Brent began in Ann Arbor 32 years ago.

100% of proceeds from ticket sales benefit the Michigan Musical Theatre Ambassador Endowment Fund. Tickets priced at more than $150 (less fair market value) may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. A gift receipt for the contribution portion of your ticket will be issued by the University of Michigan following the event.

If you cannot attend the gala please visit the MMTAEF website HERE to make a donation.


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